Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting Over the New Year Resolution Blues

First of I’d like to thank anyone who’s reading this. I needed to take a break and crank out a few books and of course tend to life so I thank you all for your patience in my 7 month hiatus. With that out the way let’s dive right back into what’s going on in the Mind of Omegia!

It’s that time again. The first day of a New Year and you’re all eager to kick it in to high gear with that New Year’s Resolution for 2014! Ready, set, go!! But wait stop. Did you actually set yourself a realistic goal? I’ll wait. Okay. Now did you?

Let’s see what are some of the top ones over the last few years: Lose weight, start a business, living life to the fullest, etc.

For the first week you probably go at it full steam ahead and by weight 2 you’re already over it. Why? Because you’ve fallen into the resolution blues and reality sets in. You’ve dove into something you desire but you’re not quite ready to put your heart into.

The solution? Stop it with the resolutions and make life changes. Don’t wait until the new year, start today. Along with it don’t make the changes so drastic. IE: You don’t have to join a gym to lose weight. That may be too big of a commitment. Try doing a YouTube video. No excuses on why you can’t make it to the gym now.

Make your goals obtainable. If you’ve haven’t done anything to prepare for the start of a business then more than likely you won’t start one this year. How about instead of saying start a business go with writing out what you want to business to be, how to achieve those goals and then go from there.

If you’re a writer and say write that best seller, then change it to writing a book readers will enjoy and make it the best it can be. Come on now…you can’t write a best seller if you refuse to get it edited, have crappy cover, and ignore your readers.

With that being said this isn’t about discouraging anyone from diving into something new, but encouraging you to go for something that you will stick to.

Until Next Time,

Omegia Keeys (Ann Keeys)
Author and Screen Writer

Domestic Seduction (Romantic Suspense)

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