Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Author Spotlight: Vulynicia Poindexter is Timeless

Today I'd like to welcome another author I had the pleasure of meeting last year. Ms. Poindexter amazed me with her spoken word segment. I wish her all the best.

Born in 1985, Vulyncia Poindexter was born in Kentucky, however, her family soon relocated to Texas. After a short life in Texas, she returned to her hometown of Hopkinsville, Kentucky with her mother and two sisters. At the tender age of 13, she began writing poetry as an outlet of expression. When her voice couldn’t find the words to say, her poetry became her way to connect with others. 
Over the years, Vulyncia has entered several poetry contests and was published in several anthology poetry books. In April 2012, she debuted her first poetry book entitled Timeless Clock, published by One Karma Publishing, in which some of her poems have been nominated for poetry awards. The straightforward and unabashed tone of her poetry combined with her infectious personality and zest for life has landed her several author features and interviews including the Life As A Poet feature with Urban Books, Authors and Writers of America and buzz worthy interviews with AAMBC Radio Show with host Author Anna Black and the Morning Cook-Up Show with hosts the Office Boys NY which generates millions of listeners. Most notably, Vulyncia was chosen as a guest co-host for PD Radio Show with hosts Ms. Pd and Black and the Conversations with Cleo Show with host, “Call Me Now” Ms. Cleo. Currently, she is working on her latest projects which include a sophomore poetry book entitled, For My Cinderellas and her first novel, an erotica entitled Falling Into Temptation. 
Vulyncia is currently attending Murray State University to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with goals of becoming a counselor. She currently resides in Kentucky and has two beautiful daughters.

Take a journey through Timeless Clock. When life looks different from the outside, you will always find reality in poems like...

Lost Understanding...When you don't care who's climbing into your sheets.
Thick & Thin...When you're constantly reminded of the lies.
When you hurt...When you love someone more than you love yourself.
My World... When life in the imagination can be the way you want it.
Nice Guys Finish Last...When you told what you want to hear

Thanks for reading! Until Next time...

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Author and Script Writer

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