Monday, October 31, 2011

Making the News

Today's blog is simply a highlight of my book release party for Rise and Fall of a Track Star. Below was pulled from the front page of the Michigan City News Dispatch.


Emotional Reunion

Omegia Keeys shows her book Saturday to her former coach, Bennie Edwards. Photo by Tim Moran

Amid book signing, former Elston track star sees coach for first time since 1993

By Tim Moran
Staff Writer
Published: Sunday, October 30, 2011 5:07 PM CDT
MICHIGAN CITY — There was nothing but smiles on the faces of Omegia Keeys and Bennie Edwards at Sophia’s House of Pancakes on Saturday afternoon.

Although Keeys did have a few tears running down her cheek, her run-in with Edwards at the local eatery was a heartwarming reunion.

Keeys, a Michigan City born author and former Elston High School track star, and Edwards, her high school coach and mentor in the early 1990s, were speaking to each other in person for the first time since 1993, the year Keeys graduated and began running track at Indiana State University.

Saturday’s reunion was part of a book signing where Keeys, who now lives in Indianapolis, returned to her home town to sign copies of her latest book, “Rise and Fall of a Track Star.”

“It is so wonderful to see Benny come back and to see the two of them together,” said JoAnn Johnson-Campbell, Keeys’ mother.

Edwards and Keeys took a few minutes, after an emotional hug, of course, to look through an old scrapbook of photos from their days with the Elston track team.

“It is so great to see him,” Keeys said. “It has been way too long.”

A proud Edwards could only smile when speaking of his 1991 state champion in the 400-meter dash.

“It is truly a blessing to hear and know about all her accomplishments,” Edwards said. “It is very enlightening to me to see her become a fantastic author and successful writer.”

It wasn’t just Edwards who came to see Keeys, now the author of six books. Her friends, family and a number of former teammates were on hand as she signed and sold copies of her newest work.

“It’s a great day to be back home,” the author said. “People have come in that I have not seen since high school.”

“Rise and Fall of a Track Star,” which can be purchased online at and other sites, is an emotional tale of how Keeys never gave up on her goals despite being a victim of a rape at 16 that led to the birth of her son.

Other works by the former stellar athlete include ones centered on preventing bullying and peer pressure.

“They are all for good causes,” Keeys said.

Edwards also was reunited with Keeys’ sister, Teresa Brown, who ran at Elston in the 1980s and qualified for the state tournament three times in the 200- and 400-meter dash events.

“It’s great to have the whole family here,” Johnson-Campbell said.

Need I say any more about my book signing? It was a blast! I would like to thank one of my closet and life long friend Stacey for being a part of this journey and Veronica, my ISU friend and track mate, for making the trip from Chicago.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Featured Author--Chris Lindberg

What inspires you as a writer?
More than anything, it’s the things I see and hear every day.  A conversation I might hear, a random thing I might notice, will sometimes make me stop and think, “could there be a story in that?”  It’s amazing how much source material is out there if you just keep your eyes and ears open to it.  
When did you have that ah ha moment when you knew you were a writer?
I think it kind of happened over time, where I just kept writing, and what I was creating kept getting better, and then before I knew it, I had a whole novel put together. 
What is your writing process?
The most important piece to me is finding a space to write: not only in the real world, but also in my mind.  In the real world, it just has to be a quiet space, where I can concentrate, without a lot of distractions.  In my mind, I have to clear space first: if I have too much on my mind with other matters, the writing doesn’t come well.  But going out for a run or bike ride does wonders for that. 
Tell us about your favorite character and why you chose to write about them? 
This is probably like choosing a favorite child, but I’ll do it anyway.  One of the two main characters in Code of Darkness is a vigilante named Rage.  I honestly can’t remember what inspired me to choose that name, but over time I found that it fit the character better than any other name I could’ve given him.  Rage is a loner, an outsider who doesn’t know much about his mysterious past until it catches up with him.  He’s the archetypical anti-hero: he doesn’t want to be a hero, but he ends up being one despite his best efforts not to.  I chose to write about him because I always enjoyed stories about darker, misunderstood figures who in the end wound up being forces for good: you probably shouldn’t have been rooting for them, but you found yourself doing it anyway, and in the end you wound up being happy that you did. 
What are you currently working on?
I’m bouncing back and forth between two projects: a coming-of-age space opera, and an apocalyptic thriller.  But I’m getting some welcome feedback from readers that I should be doing a sequel to Code of Darkness, so I suppose I’d better get working on that, too. 
Any upcoming events? 
I’m working on some local book signings in the Chicago area, no firm dates as of today, but please check the Code of Darkness Facebook page as well as for updates.  

If you could be anyone you like, who would you be?
Wow, fun question.  In reality, I think I would want to be George Clooney.  He’s someone I really admire, and he just exudes coolness and confidence.  If it could be anyone fictional, I’d probably choose Superman.  It’d be cool to fly and lift heavy things.  
  Do you have any advice for new writers and something that a seasoned vet can learn?
For new writers, just keep at it.  Keep writing.  We’ve all heard the whole “your brain is a muscle” spiel, but we’ve heard it because it’s true.  The more you do it the better you’ll get.  And have fun with it -- it’s your own world you’re creating.  I’m not sure I have anything new for a seasoned vet, so I’ll just give a reminder to keep helping other writers out.  This space can be very competitive among writers, but it doesn’t need to be – we’re all creative minds, and we should support each other.  We can leave the competitive stuff for the agents and publishers to deal with. 
Where can your followers find you? 
I have a Facebook page for Code of Darkness, just log onto Facebook and search the title – you’ll see the image of the cover (right before or after a listing for a European band of the same name).  I also have a Twitter handle, Chrislindberg7.  And finally, you can always check for updates at 
Any last words? 
Thanks for having me on your blog!  For any of your readers that are interested in taking a closer look at Code of Darkness, there are previews of the first few chapters on both Amazon and on for you to check out.  It’s getting good reviews so far, so if you like thrillers with a touch of sci-fi, I’m hopeful you’ll give it a try!  

Thank you for stopping by Chris. Please leave Chris a comment for your chance to win a signed copy or ebook!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Omegia Keeys' Visit To Mississippi: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

 I would like to thank Conversations Book Club for hosting me this past weekend. It was a busy day but I had a great time!

Omegia Keeys' Visit To Mississippi: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

On behalf of all of those who supported award-winning author Omegia Keeys' visit to Mississippi on Saturday, October 22, 2011 Conversations Book Club says thank you.

The day began with "Breakfast with Books" at Subway Crossgates in Brandon, MS where book club President Cyrus Webb met the author for the first time.

From there it was on to the Pearl Public Library in Pearl, MS where Keeys was able to meet patrons, discuss her titles and give them the opportunity to purchase the books she had available.

The last stop of the day was at Appetizers Restaurant in Pearl, MS where Webb interviewed Keeys for the November/December issue of Conversations Magazine and where others had their final opportunity to meet the author and take home autographed copies of her books.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Making of Rise and Fall of a Track Star

Post Origination: Guest Blog Post:

In case you have missed me guest blogging on other blogs I will posting them a day or two after on my blog.

The Making of Rise and Fall of a Track Star

My son’s graduation was right around the corner and I couldn’t be a prouder parent. My son, born to me when I was merely a child myself, had broken the cycle and was moving on into the next phase in life of becoming a man. His graduation also opened the door to haunting memories of my past. It is what prompted me to write Rise and Fall of a Track Star.

For many who know me in my teens and early 20s I was viewed as a person who always seemed to achieving great things. What they didn’t see was how often I was ridiculed or looked down upon for doing so. See, I was the first person from my school to ever win the State Championship in Track and field, obtain a full ride track scholarship and go on to win a bronze at the Pan Am Games. What they didn’t know was I constantly in a battle—with myself and others in my community. 

Back in the States after winning the Bronze
with my son

Yes, I have achieved many things that others could only dream of, but I did it while being a victim. The more I achieved the more I was victimized. Some felt because I had a child as a teen then I didn’t deserve any of the things I had worked so hard to accomplish. Nothing was given to me. Through all the Nay Sayers and self-doubt I somehow kept going until there came a point in which I couldn’t take it anymore. Hence the title Rise and Fall of a Track Star.

I mention my son broke the cycle because all too often teenage parents or their offspring fail to complete high school. My son has not only done so, but is now in the Armed Services. Rise and Fall of a Track Star is a shift from my YA Novels and Erotic Novels because for the message to come across I wanted people to hear my own words, not one of my characters. I want others in my situation to know they are not alone and they can get past the hurt and pain. And to those who feel the need to put others down because we go against the grain, shame on you but because of you we shall rise. 

I’m a bullet…
I’m a missile…
I’m a rocket to the moon!

Author, Youth Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is My Book Priced Too High

Publishing and Writing Tips from the Mind of Omegia
Is My Book Priced Too High?

Blog Origination: Biweekly Tips of me Guest Blogging on The Authors and  Readers Book Corner

From the message board forums to meeting authors face to face I have heard it all when it comes to book prices. In most cases the author really does not have a legitimate complaint and others, as with the case with my first release, should be screaming at the top of their lungs. There are many contributing factors when determining book pricing. Authors should know what they are prior to seeking publishing. Don’t find out the hard way like I did my first go round. Now on my 6th book and from being a Publishing Consultant I know the ins and outs.

Prices should be set to allow room for distribution discounts (normally 40%-55%), print cost (determined by the page count), handling fee (yes unfortunately you must pay this too) royalties, and the publishers cut. If you are self-publishing you can eliminate the publishers cut. I will use one of my books as an example. Can You Keep a Secret? is priced at $15.00. Well the online booksellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) get a 40%-55% discount. I will go with the low end of 40% which means they get the book for $9. Print charge can be between $4-$6, calculated by the length of the book. Toss in $1 for the handling fee and this is what I am left with getting 15% of about $3.50. On the other hand if I want to purchase my book to sell at events I normally get a 40% discount (which is standard from publishers) unless I buy large quantities. I get my book for $9 and sell it for $15 at events and pocket $6 per book. 

Now some of you may shake your head and say no way you want a publisher, right. Well hey I could have paid about $1500-$3000 to have a quality self-published book. By quality I mean ISBN, Editing, Formatting, Cover Design, ect. All I would be eliminating is the publisher’s cut when it pertains to online sales or brick and mortar sales. After a year of pushing the books myself I would be lucky if I made my money back to even think about profiting. I will take my $6 per books I purchase as well as my 15% of $3.50, thank you. Last check I have sold almost 2500 copies of this novel since its release. 

I will take it a step further and apply the same equation to my first book, Passionate Playmates published by Publish America. The book was barely 100 pages and was set to $16.95. I can’t tell you what I got off my meager 8% royalties with them because with the high price the book never sold from bookstores. When I purchased my books to sell from them I barely received a 30% discount from them and I always order around 30 books or more, and they were very crafty to charge a shipping charge per book. Basically when I sold all 30 books I was still in the hole. On first look I thought I would have gotten more because of the higher price of the book but no one will buy it if it is that high. 

On the other hand I have heard people who assume there books should be extremely low. $7-$8 bucks for a book over 300 pages or $15 for a 600 pager. Well unless you are doing over 1000 books print run it is simply not going to happen. Matter of fact I have one of friend’s, who is published under Simon and Schuster, book sitting in front of me. Her book is only 2 pages longer than my Can You Keep a Secret, And guess what? It’s set at the same price of $15 just like mine. So even though I am with a smaller publisher the numbers are still the same. So before you jump the gun and say your publisher has your book price set too high make sure you do your research on books in the same genre and length. It may not be the price hindering your sales.

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Omegia Keeys

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Going on Tour

Okay I am big on touring as most of you know from reading my blog and if you follow me on any networking site. One weekend I may be in Georgia and the next New Jersey. Now along with all of this I am going Virtual. I will be on a Virtual Book Tour that is. I have done these in the past but never while in the middle of book touring or with so many books in print! Can you feel my excitement? 

This is called doing whatever it takes to get your name out there. You can follow me on my stops  listed below.

Oct. 19 - Meet & Greet at
Oct. 21 - Guest Blogging at
Oct. 25 - Guest Blogging at
Oct. 27 - Author Interviewed at
Nov. 3 - Guest Blogging at
Nov. 8 - Author Spotlight at
Nov. 10 - Guest Blogging at
Nov. 14 - Author Interviewed at @ 7pm EST
Nov. 16 - Guest Blogging at
Nov. 18 - Guest Blogging at
Nov. 19 - Author Interviewed at
Nov. 21 - Guest Blogging at
Nov. 24 - Rise and Fall of a Track Star Reviewed at
Nov. 26 - Guest Blogging at

Some of these stops are ones I have been to before but the others I am excited about them getting to know the inner workings of me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What's New with Omegia

I will be a permanent guest blogger on The Authors and Readers Corner ( and I am starting to interview authors on my blog as well as a stop for the Virtual Book Tour Cafe. And, I was asked by a good friend to take over some of her interviews and I am very excited to oblige her. If you are an author and would like an interview with me please contact me via Face Book.

On the book front Rise and Fall of a Track Star is already on track to being my best seller. I have already sold out at two events and had several post release orders. I am crossing my fingers now that the two cases I ordered for my event in Nashville, this weekend, arrives in time.

What’s in the works is a book of erotic short stories and the follow to Rise and Fall of a Track Star entitled Single, Black, and Government Owned.

Upcoming Events
Southern Festival of Books-Oct 14-16
Conversations Book Club, Jackson, MS-Oct 22
Book Release Party for Rise and Fall of a Track Star, La Sophia’s in Michigan City-Oct 29th

Are you progressing in your career as a writer? If not, what the heck are you waiting on? Set your goals and go achieve them.

Until Next Time

I’m a bullet
I’m a missile
I’m a rocket to the moon!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virtual Book Tour…Is it Worth It?

If you are one of those authors who put as much effort into promoting your book as you do with watching paint dry then I would emphatically say no. But, if you know what I do and that is you need to constantly do things to get your name out there then I you would understand me standing on top of my chair screaming a resounding yes.

Hold up? Did you ask what is a Virtual Book Tour? Oh, sorry. Besides getting your name out there it is guest blogging, doing interviews, having reviews, and/or giveaways across numerous blogger sites. And, it is fun. Guest blogging is a way for readers to get to know you. Depending on how many stops you have there will be times you are tempted to repeat a previous post but I strongly shake my head no at you if you do (or reach out and smack your hands as they inch towards your keyboard). People like to look at a variety, switch it up. If you don’t know what I mean google my name (Omegia Keeys) and you will see several of my guest blogging over the past few years. Search engines love blogs! I have even changed up from blogging about me to focusing on my book characters. One in particular is my favorite, Erika aka Ecstasy. I completely let her take over and wrote as her. I think the original host was on Watery Tart last year sometime.  

I first began my search on Virtual Book Tours a few years back. Some of the prices astounded me to the point of almost making me curl up in the fetal position and sit there rocking back and forth (okay a bit dramatic but you did not see the thousands of dollars they were claiming as affordable). I even tried doing my own VBT but what was the point if no one knew who I was to bother to read it. Having an online presence is a must if you want to host your own. My take on hosting it on your own blog is to go ahead but also connected to other blog stops.

Now back to the benefits of a VBT. It gets your name out there. You add to your fan base and its great networking. I reach people that may have never known about me or my work without reading the blog. If spending a little money to potentially make a lot of money is too much for some to comprehend then by all means stay an author with a book that no one knows about.  I am not someone who started out with a lot of money. Single parent with three kids here. What I did manage to save I applied to my writing career. Now I recycle my funds. What I make off one project I apply to the next. It keeps me moving forward and allows me to do things like going on a VBT. 

For authors on a budget I would try one of my favorites If you can’t find a package here to fit your budget but have the new iPad, iPhone, new shoes, or must have that Star Bucks cup of coffee everyday all I can say is get your priorities together if you are really serious about being an author. You are only going to get what you put into it. If you are not making an effort to put your name out there then you really can’t complain about your book not selling. More and more people are writing books than ever so make yours stand out and be noticed.

Until Next Time,