Monday, September 19, 2011

Who are You Inspiring?

From the time we come out the womb our minds are processing our surroundings and taking it all in. We are a sponge ready to absorb. I recall looking to my brothers and sisters in my home to gather my sense of right and wrong. Oh, sneaking out resulted in a whack upside the head and punishment—I don’t think I will be trying that. Not doing homework, oh the same thing. As I got older some of the things that went on weren’t so cut and dry. Everyone knows that people who deal drugs are bad people, right? But, how about when they are your brothers who are taking you from a life of poverty? No, I wasn’t inspired to sell drugs but I was motivated to do more than just grow up and stay on welfare.

In high school I was motivated by the good, the bad, and the ugly. I had teachers who sucked, those who only wanted a paycheck, and one or two who actually cared. Friends who were into all types of things; smoking week, skipping school, or getting pregnant further added to the makings of who I am. My coach guided me with lessons learned that propelled me throughout my college years, the military, and to this very day.

With at that being said…Who are you inspiring? Whether it is positive or negative you are inspiring others. Are you the one who people say, “don’t be that guy” or “you see (insert name) be just like them”. I strive to be the second one and have so since an early age. To get me there those “don’t be that guy” were my motivation. Being an inspiration to others is what compelled me to write Rise and Fall of a Track Star. In my memoir I have opened up, exposed myself, and said I am still here. Do you think your words and actions have no impact on people, think again.

I’m a bullet….
I’m a Missile…
I’m a Rocket to the Moon…

Until Next Time,

Omegia Keeys

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