Friday, September 16, 2011

Are You Celebrating?

Seriously, are you celebrating your book? Really, so what is it that you are actually doing? If it’s just sitting in front of your computer smiling at your book cover or holding your free author copies in your hand and dancing around the room, you aren’t celebrating. You are just happy. 

What was the point of you putting all those painstaking hours writing the book, editing the book, then waiting for it to be published if you aren’t even sharing it with your closest friends? It doesn’t matter if your book was published traditionally or self-published, it’s your hard work, so act like you are proud of it.

My first book, Passionate Playmates, which was barely 100 pages and extremely over priced at 16.99 (published by Publish America in 2007, but this is another blog on its own) had a celebration.  One of my close friends gave me a party at her house. It was a small gathering of less than 15 people, but each one bought a book and boosted my writer’s esteem up a few notches. For my next release,, I went all out. I decided to have a themed party based off my characters. Prepare for a Night of Seduction. ..and, boy what an night it was. This book release party was huge. I rented out a club and sold tickets in and advance.  No less than 100 people were in attendance. More than half bought books, and the other half I think just wanted to know what the heck the party was all about. 
 Me as my character Ecstasy and my Fantasy Girls on a cake

Now that I am on the brinks of releasing my 6th title the thrill is still there. It’s time for me to start celebrating! I decided to have my release party at a well-known family restaurant in my home town of Michigan City, IN. Being that Rise and Fall of a Track Star is a memoir, I went back to my roots. There are many people who touched my life in one way or another and I want to share the moment with them.  So on October 29th, I will be set up at Sophia’s Restaurant happily signing books and getting back in touch with the town I was raised in.

As an author we must learn to do whatever it takes to get the word out ourselves regarding our work. If we don’t at least make the small effort to celebrate it, why should anyone else? You know at the minimum a month or two before the actual release, what the date will be. Save up some money, buy those discounted books at your author rate, and sell them at your release party. Even if your book has been out six months it's not too late! The party can be anywhere, at your house (Pampered Chief can do it, why not you?), a coffee shop, a local libraries media room, the party room of a restaurant, or where ever you heart desires. The point is be proud, you wrote it! If you are not making an effort can you really point the finger at anyone else for your book not selling?

Until Next Time,

Omegia Keeys

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  1. Excellent advice! Pampered Chef definitely does it well. LOL.