Thursday, September 15, 2011

Market Your Book Without Spending a Penny?

I ran across an article promoting how to market your book without spending a penny! So, naturally I was eager to read it. The first thing it said was to donate books. Hm, now I don't know about the author of this article but all my books cost money to print. Out of each set of 20-40, depending on my inventory, I buy I can barely squeeze out one or two to send to a reviewer. Heaven forbid if a single reviewing source requests two.

Now, with my first published book I actually followed this theory of donating books. The result, less books for me to sale and no profits from the ones I did give away. If you want to donate a book, donate 2-3 to the library. Make sure it is the main office so your book will be inputted in the system for it to circulate to all branches. This may actually spark some sales by the other branches.

In reality there really is not free way to market your books. Even we you talk to someone about your book you need to at least have a business card or flyer to hand them. Not something you just threw together off your PC either because I can almost guarantee where it will in up, the trash. At least that's what I do when someone hands me crap. Take some pride in you product. Heck use Vista Print. They always have good stuff on discount. This way even if you aren't a good designer you can at least use their designs, but do yourself a favor and add your book cover to what they have.

I am a reader as well as a writer and I tend to read books by authors that seem more put together. Especially if they are self-published. If their presentation is well thought out there is a less chance that their book was just thrown together. If not, at least they faked the funk and got a sale out of me.

To get money it takes money and I know you have heard it time and time again. My advice, spend wisely to generated those sales.

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