Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Definition of Success

I learned early on that my level isn’t the same as everyone else’s definition of where I should be. For me success is any milestone I cross which propels me forward in my career and life in general. That being said, this past weekend in Decatur bust my definition wide open. With every book sold my spirit soared further and further into the clouds. I am surprised I was able to come down in order to write this blog. 

This festival boasted a myriad of talent writing in every genre you could imagine and some I never heard of. With so many authors to choose from I am overly thankful they found their way into my booth with cash and credit card extended to purchase. Those who didn’t purchase took a flyer in order to by online later, and guess what from checking my ratings on Amazon this morning it seemed as if they did. 

 Me inspiring young minds

Even without the dozens of books I sold at the event I would have still been happy because my name and pen name is getting out there to the masses. More people learning I exist is a level of success to me. You never know whose hands it may fall in.

 Me spreading my seduction

My simple affirmation is to keep on moving forward. Had I given up on book one I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, people feel confident in my work to pre-order my new work. Some lady bought all 5 of my titles on hand and handed me cash for Rise and Fall of a Track Star to send to her. I was accustomed to the online pre-orders but cash in hand from a stranger….wow!

My question to my aspiring and established authors out there is what is your level of success? Is it too high for you to relish in immediate gratification or so low you are only happy to sell to your family?

Until next time!
Omegia Keeys

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  1. Glad you had a successful festival!