Friday, January 13, 2012

Up Close with Andy Holloman

Author Bio: Writer Andy Holloman has been scribbling stories since a young age.
(According to reliable sources.) "Shades of Gray" is his first
published novel and grew out of his experiences as a travel agency
owner many moons ago. He was fascinated with the true story of a
client of the business that was murdered. Suspecting her line of work
was drug smuggling, a story sprouted in his over-active imagination -
How far would a desperate person go to save their child and their

He is the father of three and happily married for 20 years. A graduate
of UNC-CH, he lives in the Raleigh, NC area and is busy carpooling,
keeping his wife happy, and attending his kids sporting events. He
loves the great outdoors in NC, is an avid reader, and a social media
goofball. Most evenings, he can be found tapping on his well-worn
keyboard as he "births" his next novel.

What inspires you as a writer?
I feel inspired by the craft of storytelling.  I truly enjoy the process of laying down the “tracks” of the story.  I’m inspired by throwing my characters into difficult situations and  then finding creative solutions to their problems.  My inspiration comes from the “perspiration” that my characters feel in the story.  (smile)

When did you have that ah ha moment when you knew you were a writer?
I found it easy to consider myself a writer when I joined a writers group around 2004 in the Cary NC area.  I would STRONGLY recommend that anyone that wants to publish a novel to join a local writers group.

What are you currently working on?
I am in the very early stages of punching out a new novel that I would describe as an “Irving-esque romp through the 1990’s as seen through the eyes of two Irish twins who come of age in the US during the rise of the internet.”  Title is TBD.

Any upcoming events?   none at this time

If you could be anyone you like, who would you be?        
I would love to be Richard Branson.  I admire his gumption and his willingness to push boundaries and try new things.  Plus, I would love to be a billionaire.

Do you have any advice for new writers and something that a seasoned vet can learn?
Patience.  Re-write.  Then re-write some more.  Then add in a little more patience.  Plan on getting published to be at least a 5 year process from the start of your writing process until you can hold your book in your hand.  Join a writers group when you finish your draft.  For a veteran writer – check out Twitter.  I’ve been blown away at what a great place is Twitter is for connecting with prospective readers and other writers.

Where can your followers find you?   website    www.AndyHolloman
Twitter -   @AndyHolloman       Facebook -     AndyHollomanWriter

Any last words?
I truly, truly love readers.  Hands down the most delightful aspect of publishing my book has been the interactions with readers and prospective readers.  Getting a book published is a long, long road as is SELLING books.  Even though I’m just at the beginning of my publishing journey, I know that my long term success will be in the hands of my readers.  I delight in the way in which Social Media sites (Twitter and Facebook) allow me to interact with readers and I pledge to everyone that reads my book to do everything within my power to respond to your questions, comments, and suggestions.    THANKS SO MUCH !!!!!!!!     KEEP ON READING !!!!!

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  1. Great interview and also some pretty useful insights from a new author. I especially appreciate Andy's advice "Patience. Re-write. Then re-write some more. Then add in a little more patience." I leaned this while i was editor at The View from Here Magazine. So many writers submitted work to me that was unedited, and as a result, unreadable. Thanks for the advice and for the interview.