Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Lies Cinderella Told Me

With the release of Rise and Fall of a Track Star I have been fortunate to receive great praise for daring to tell my story. Along with it I have also been asked why no happy ending? No happy ending because my life wasn’t as such at that period of time. But, it got me to thinking about a lot of my other books. Only one in which the girl gets her man. 

I am not sure if it was a subconscious thing reflecting life as I saw it at the time or what? But, I have been a fan of not believing the hype of the Cinderella tale.  From a young age it is tossed in young girls face to wait around for the man to save the day. Well, by the time I was a teen the fantasy had fallen by the wayside. Why? Because it was not my reality. Back then all Disney characters were white and princesses. I was black and from the hood. To this day they haven’t gotten much better with their depiction. Oh you say what about Princess and the Frog? Did you watch the same movie I did? Princess Tiana wasn’t a real princess. She worked for a living—exact opposite of all the princesses and she was a frog majority of the movie. The prince didn’t save her. She saved him from himself. He lived the life of a self-centered jerk. 

Thinking about it as I finished up Single, Black, and Government Owned I came up with the root of my problem. How can one believe a fairytale or have a true relationship if they have never seen one? I come from a single parent household, my older brothers had extremely dysfunctional relationships, most of my friends’ parents were no longer together, Romance Novels didn’t feature woman like me, and then Disney had it out for me too. I was doomed until I learned how to make myself happy first. 

Until I learned to make me happy I would be in limbo. I would keep running into guys who weren’t about anything and try to make them something and wonder why the good ones didn’t act like them. The light bulb flicked on and the blinders were off. Relationships do not have to be about struggle and strife. You don’t have to be joined to the hip and he doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfect for me! Forget Cinderella and Disney, I will have my own happily ever after. 

Omegia Keeys

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