Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes, I write Erotica and...

Well it’s Monday and I am finally able to get back into the swing of things after doing two back to back book events. Though Collingswood, NJ is a small community they were big on literacy and I am glad I set my reservations to the side and made the trip. 

Some of the looks from women with the same skin tone as mine hit a bit of a nerve with me. It didn’t just happen at this event but at almost everyone I go to. Now, I have something to say and I am going to say it loud and proud! Yes, I am an Erotic Fiction Author and so freaking what! I am also a YA Author, Nonfiction Author, mother, sister, daughter and friend so get your panties out of a bunch when you see my spicy titles. What I write does not define who I am. Honestly if you want to know what made me write my smut then just ask. If you don’t read erotica that’s okay but how dare you look down on me for expressing myself. You can’t take away my books on Bullying, on teen peer pressure, or my latest of me being strong enough to tell my story. If anything you need to shake your head at yourself for being so darn judgmental.  

Since I know you are too chicken to ask me then I will simply break it down for you. I write erotic fiction because I want to. It started off as a mere outlet when I reached my 8th year in the military. I needed to bring back my feminine side. Being around all males for extended periods of time tends to make one overly aggressive and the sexiness flies right out the window. Thus I began my alter ego in my writing. As Erika I became sexy again and more confident within my relationship with my then husband. It helped me find my happy. I write what I feel, not what others feel I should write. You must be happy within yourself and love yourself in order to spread it to others. 

The funny thing is if I wrote about a serial killer the same women would probably smile as they passed by instead of sneering. Glad I am not one who seeks others approval to continue on. As Black Women some of you need to really get it together. If my erotica is getting under your skin so bad you may need to look in the mirror and find the real issue within yourself. Also, half those romance or christian books you curl up with are on the same level as what I write. I even found sex in one of my favorite books, Clan of the Cave Bear. I read it as an adolescent, so please get it together. I don’t need your prayers save those for the people who are being abused, starving, or recovering from a natural disaster. 

If you want to know more about me and what makes my mind tick you may want to pick up a copy of Rise and Fall of a Track Star. You may just find yourself among the pages as one of the people in my life who continued to make my life miserable without knowing anything about me.

Now that I have that off my chest. Thank you to all the nonjudgmental people who continue to support me and my endeavors. I look forward to continuing to inspire woman, men, and encourage our youth to rise above adversity.  



  1. Do not worry about what others think!Do YOU! God has given you a gift so continue to use it. It's funny these same folks you are referring to will shun you but buy Zane----SMH. Well I am going to carry you in my store not matter what! Peace & Blessings.

  2. LFP I stopped worrying about them after my first release, but I felt it needed to be addresses because they are overlooking great reading in my other books. No matter what they won't buy others will. For example I don't smoke cigarettes but it is not stopping them from raking in billions!! The haters can watch my smoke and yes they will pick up Zane or watch her series in secret. Thank you for seeing what they don't.