Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virtual Book Tour…Is it Worth It?

If you are one of those authors who put as much effort into promoting your book as you do with watching paint dry then I would emphatically say no. But, if you know what I do and that is you need to constantly do things to get your name out there then I you would understand me standing on top of my chair screaming a resounding yes.

Hold up? Did you ask what is a Virtual Book Tour? Oh, sorry. Besides getting your name out there it is guest blogging, doing interviews, having reviews, and/or giveaways across numerous blogger sites. And, it is fun. Guest blogging is a way for readers to get to know you. Depending on how many stops you have there will be times you are tempted to repeat a previous post but I strongly shake my head no at you if you do (or reach out and smack your hands as they inch towards your keyboard). People like to look at a variety, switch it up. If you don’t know what I mean google my name (Omegia Keeys) and you will see several of my guest blogging over the past few years. Search engines love blogs! I have even changed up from blogging about me to focusing on my book characters. One in particular is my favorite, Erika aka Ecstasy. I completely let her take over and wrote as her. I think the original host was on Watery Tart last year sometime.  

I first began my search on Virtual Book Tours a few years back. Some of the prices astounded me to the point of almost making me curl up in the fetal position and sit there rocking back and forth (okay a bit dramatic but you did not see the thousands of dollars they were claiming as affordable). I even tried doing my own VBT but what was the point if no one knew who I was to bother to read it. Having an online presence is a must if you want to host your own. My take on hosting it on your own blog is to go ahead but also connected to other blog stops.

Now back to the benefits of a VBT. It gets your name out there. You add to your fan base and its great networking. I reach people that may have never known about me or my work without reading the blog. If spending a little money to potentially make a lot of money is too much for some to comprehend then by all means stay an author with a book that no one knows about.  I am not someone who started out with a lot of money. Single parent with three kids here. What I did manage to save I applied to my writing career. Now I recycle my funds. What I make off one project I apply to the next. It keeps me moving forward and allows me to do things like going on a VBT. 

For authors on a budget I would try one of my favorites If you can’t find a package here to fit your budget but have the new iPad, iPhone, new shoes, or must have that Star Bucks cup of coffee everyday all I can say is get your priorities together if you are really serious about being an author. You are only going to get what you put into it. If you are not making an effort to put your name out there then you really can’t complain about your book not selling. More and more people are writing books than ever so make yours stand out and be noticed.

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