Monday, October 10, 2011

What's New with Omegia

I will be a permanent guest blogger on The Authors and Readers Corner ( and I am starting to interview authors on my blog as well as a stop for the Virtual Book Tour Cafe. And, I was asked by a good friend to take over some of her interviews and I am very excited to oblige her. If you are an author and would like an interview with me please contact me via Face Book.

On the book front Rise and Fall of a Track Star is already on track to being my best seller. I have already sold out at two events and had several post release orders. I am crossing my fingers now that the two cases I ordered for my event in Nashville, this weekend, arrives in time.

What’s in the works is a book of erotic short stories and the follow to Rise and Fall of a Track Star entitled Single, Black, and Government Owned.

Upcoming Events
Southern Festival of Books-Oct 14-16
Conversations Book Club, Jackson, MS-Oct 22
Book Release Party for Rise and Fall of a Track Star, La Sophia’s in Michigan City-Oct 29th

Are you progressing in your career as a writer? If not, what the heck are you waiting on? Set your goals and go achieve them.

Until Next Time

I’m a bullet
I’m a missile
I’m a rocket to the moon!


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