Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thinking About Being an Author?

Have you done your research? No, really have you done your research on how much hard work and dedication it takes to become an author? There is so much more to it than actually writing. If you are not someone who likes to put yourself out there then you may want to reconsider this field all together.

True story, I was at an event and an aspiring author approached me about being published. I asked if she had any marketing plans. Her answer was she would prefer not to have to deal with people. Really? I was a bit taken back because in order to sell you must market. Even the New York Times best selling authors must come from behind their laptop and sign books. She even went on to say she just wanted to make some extra cash. I didn't tell her she would probably fair better as a Wal-mart greeter but I did say how can you expect that if you don't want to promote? From the rolling of her eyes and annoyed look on her face I take it she didn't like that response any better.

The point is if the above mentioned is you then you seriously need a reality check. Being an author is a job and to be even a mediocre author you need to put in some work. If you get up and go to some form of a workplace on a daily basis I am sure once you get there they expect you to do some type of work to get a paycheck, right. Therefore why not think the same applies to being an author. You worked hard writing it so why not work hard letting people know it's out there? 

If you have no idea were to begin your marketing career try something simple as setting up your own book release party. It doesn't have to be any place big. Coffee shop, library, your living room (Pampered Chief can do it why not you?) or any place you fill comfortable with. Show people you are proud of what you have done. If you can't toot your own horn, why should they? 

Next, which you should have done way before the book has been published make yourself known on the internet. Don't bombard people with your book but ease it on them. Make sure you make comments on other people's postings. Comment, do not advertise unless your topic fits what they are saying. Pay attention to what works for others. Now I said pay attention, not email them with a list of question and irritate them until they remove you from their list. Yes, I have deleted several. Networking must be a give and take. 

Last but not least support people. If you see someone asking for a review help them out. If you don't have time to read their book you can at least rate it. You can not become successful thinking it's all about you. The only thing you will become successful at is being a jerk or user. 

Now, my intent is not to discourage but to encourage you to wake up and make your passion a priority. Take your writing seriously or no one else will. 

Until Next Time

Omegia Keeys

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