Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cyber Bullies Gone Wild

I thought I had heard it all when Rebecca Black decided to home school because of bullying until I actually Googled her name. Not only was the poor girl picked on at school but some of the comments left online were enough to make me blush. Why so angry over a song dedicated to Friday? I may never have the answer but I do know that cyber bullying has gone way over and beyond what any at school bully could ever accomplish.

At my son's orientation into his new school there was a 15 minute discussion dedicated to cyber bullying. The school stated matter of factually that whether in school or out of school it will not be tolerated. They recognize how harsh words and threats on a computer impact a child's overall well-being. Therefore, they are taking a stand. I say bravo for them an commenced to deleting my son's Facebook account for the umpteenth time. Oh the constant battle. His older cousins think it's cool but I surely don't and make it a point to reprimand the little smart mouths I catch using profanity and other things on his page and theirs.

When did kids become so cynical? No let my clarify. When did we as a society become this way? I can barely read yahoo news or the local news online without people trying to bully other commenters online. Do people somehow get braver behind the pc? For some reason Surrogates, Bruce Willis's movie, keeps popping in my head when I see people loosing there mind on the keyboard. People who normally wouldn't burst a grape if they saw you in person are somehow transformed into Mega-tron once they boot up. Well I say stop it. You, yes you meany, are the reason why these kids are loosing their minds. They are immulating adult behavior. 9 times of 10 the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

My take on it is worry about you and quit worrying about what others are doing. Is it hurting you that someone has a different opinion than yours? Dresses differently or looks differently? If the earth shook, lightning struck, or Armageddon happened we are all going down together. Try being nice you may just feel a little better. And in the mean time pick up a copy of Unloved. It may just make you feel a little bit better and if it doesn't well hey you just donated to charity and I thank you.

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