Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Time Coming

Over the past two years I have debated back and forth on doing a blog. The problem wasn't actually doing it more so than what to do it on. The main issue was I didn't want to pigeon hole myself in. At first my reservations were because I only had Erotic Fiction books published, then that was all people would want to hear about so I waited. By now those that know me know I am probable about as versatile as the young teen who loves to change the color of her hair on a weekly basis. Yes, I write erotic fiction but it does not define me. Neither does the Young Adult or Non-Fiction--albeit the Non-Fiction is my own story, but one that is my past. I am no longer that person of long ago and probably not the same as I was just last year. Therefore why should my blog be? I am forever changing and evolving so should my blog. I can be hot and spicy on a post and then informative on the next. You may even get to take a journey with me as I go through finishing off a manuscript or two. So for those who stop by, I thank you and enjoy!

Until next time.


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