Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Parenting 101: Get Some

While this topic is way off base on what my blog is about I feel it's very important. My child looked me in my face and lied on numerous occasions about having any accounts online. I'm that mother who gives no breathing room. I'm on my son the moment he steps in the door and in his room checking things out with or without him being there.

My son gets A's and B's in school and is an overall good kid. At home he's well mannered to me and everyone who comes around but it doesn't stop me from digging deeper. Yes, I logged into another account and found out my son had a FB page, Instagram account, and on Oovuu all things he is not allowed to have. He doesn't have his own computer nor a smart phone but still managed. My heart sank when I saw videos and pictures of my son acting like a thug/ingrate/menace. It's everything I've taught and showed him not to be.

As a mother/business woman/author/veteran/human being I was embarrassed. There is nothing cool about portraying youself as a thug. I know some parents don't care and glorify fight videos, young children dancing provocatively, and being disrespectful but I'm not that parent.

When asked about his accounts he lied until the end. I will not support jackassery in any shape form or fashion.

If you do this:

And this

You Get This

So you don't end up like this

I know all won't agree and that's your right as this is mine as a parent. 

Omegia Keeys
Ticked off Mom


  1. I applaud you and say do what you have to do to protect your son and raise him to be a law abiding citizen.

  2. Parenting as a rule is the application of individual choices, accordingly; with our fingers crossed as we hope we are all right, and if not completely right, we hope we are not so wrong—Lenders and Borrowers, as to leave negative, indelible emotional and/or psychological footprints back to those choices. And wrong or right, the constant is life. And if we are fortunate, we and our offspring adjust in constant-forward-motion to becoming better.

  3. Tamara Hauch SteigerwaldDecember 4, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    God bless you Omega!! You are doing EXACTLY what I would have done!! Zero tolerance law goes in my home too!!

  4. LOL, I LOVE IT, We were raised Olschool and yes we bumped our heads learning life yet we pray daily for our children to not have to go through similar situations. I hate that my son sometimes become a follower to seek to impress his friends so I on him cause I "KNOW" how that road ends,,,,Keep doing what you do, you inspire us by letting us all the know that the old ways and respecting parents was not an option... Peace

  5. Any parent who loves their children uncondionally "DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO" By any and all means In this day and age the world makes it almost impossible to show our young black men that it's okay to be just that "A MAN" half these so called THUG NIGGAS thats being looked up to are not even real men cause they REALLY wanna be more like women. You keep doing you (old school style) That's how more parents should be.... :)1 Love BFF

  6. Omegia, You Do What You Got To Do! No one is going to care more about your son but YOU!! I don't blame you for what you're doing!