Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking Your Book to the Next Level

As a fellow author myself I know it can be overwhelming for a new author starting out or the seasons author adjusting to the new changes. Publishing houses are becoming even more selective and Literary Agents are becoming an endangered species. However, authors still continue to crank out books.

If you don't have the right tools to compete then you will be left riding the bench waiting for your chance to play that may never happen. As with sports (you know I was an athlete so bear with me) you will need to show people you deserve to be on the playing field. You need to make you and your books shine.

Let's say you do know how to get your book published and it is a quality product. What next? You need to get out there and promote it. In order to promote effectively you will need the right connections. Do you know how to get interviews? Or even do them once you get them? How about reviews, book signings, or setting up a book release party? What about getting people to show up for a book event you are attending? Do you have marketing material? I am not talking about something you made on your own unless you are great with designing. I am talking about material people won't toss in the trash. If material looks nice people tend to keep. I know because it's what I do.

If you are serious about being an author then I can help. For many years I have helped several established and up and coming authors to succeed in the publishing world. I have done this by helping to market and promote their work. In essence I became their publicist. As an author most really don’t have the time or the right connections to get their name out there and to be known nationally. This is where I come in. Over the past decade I have established many contacts in the industry that are more than willing to interview, review, and market any author’s work I send their way. I have already done the work for you.

My tactics are proven. Last month alone I had over 600 ebook sales for one of my titles alone. I am not talking about a $.99 priced book either. I have not seen the paperback sales yet but I know I have sold plenty there as well. I am also not referring to one of my new releases. The book I am talking about is three years old. It sill has the same momentum as my new releases. The title is Seduction.com.

Readers will not by from authors they don't know. The key to success is getting your name out there. If they like you they will support you. It's the same way we do celebrities. If we like them we tend to buy their products, if not when shun them. What do celebrities have that you don't? A publicist. So get you today!

To find out more about what I can do for you or to contact me please visit www.okeeys.com. I am here to help you succeed.

Omegia Keeys
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  1. Hello Author Omegia (Soror). This is so awesome that I just had to comment. First of all, I commend you for your effort to give back. You have been there and it is great that you are helping others to succeed. Too many of us act the same way crabs do...pull each other down (I blogged about this "crab-like behavior). I will be checking out your website and hope that when my work is done, you will be willing to work with me. Thank you and I wish you continued success!

  2. Hi their Soror! Some seasoned authors no longer like helping because their are those who want to use us up. I had to find a balance. Sort the users from those who generally don't understand. Everyone has to start somewhere but for some things that is what a search engine is for...lol While I can't give everything away for free I do have some affordable rates for those such as yourself.

    Good luck!

    Omegia Keeys