Sunday, March 25, 2012

Are You Ready? I Am: Book Promoting 101

It's here, it's finally here! What's that you ask? Time to gear up for one of my favorite things about being an author and that's book touring. Next week kicks off the beginning of year long touring for me. Though most people who tour generally cram everything into a few weeks or a month, I prefer mine to go the course from spring through winter. During this time I attend conferences, book festivals, libraries, schools, women's groups, book stores, have book club drop-ins and do tons of interviews in-between.

So, what did I do from January thru the end of March? Why prepare myself to promote my books of course. Deciding to tour isn't something you should jump into at the last minute. Not only do you need to have your marketing material but you will need to promote the event and get people excited about seeing you there. By promoting I don't just mean telling people on FaceBook or Twitter. I mean getting the word out to people who actually live in that area. They need to know you are coming. Think outside the box of placing an ad in the book festival guide or depending on whomever is hosting you to do it.  For more specifics you may want to read my book for authors, The Not So Common Sense Guide For Authors. But, don't rely on others to do it for your. Their promotion may be limited to sticking a flyer on the wall.

As you are touring I would suggest keeping your momentum going by sliding in a few interviews. I prefer mine the day before or the morning prior to an event. It adds a little something extra for you to talk about besides what's between the pages of your book. Plus, it boosts my energy level. I'm always excited about events and it spills out as I conduct interviews. If you are doing a tour for the first time I would suggest doing a Virtual Book Tour as well. This way you can also guest blog about some of your events and bring attention to the fact that you are indeed on a book tour.

Book touring as an author is essential for selling books. Not only do I get to meet wonderful people but my sales skyrocket. I am not talking about from the people who actually buy my books at the event either. I am talking about from all the people they run and tell about my books and the fact they got to meet the author. In some cases people don't even purchase my book at the event, but they sure do download it as an ebook. To me a sale is a sale and I am thankful for each and every one.

Now Spring in to Action (ha! I saw this on a sales add once and always wanted to use it). Get off your rump and gear up to getting your book into the hands of readers. In my case I prepare in advance, then grab my fellow author, sorority sister, and traveling buddy Tiffany A. Flowers and we go strong from now until December.

Until Next Time,

Omegia Keeys
Publishing Liaison

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