Monday, February 27, 2012

All about Book Clubs

First, I would like to thank everyone who donated to helping me bury my grandmother. It was a very trying time but with your help it was possible.

Now on to the advise for my fellow authors. A great way to promote your work is getting it in the hands of a book club. Book clubs can have anywhere from five up to hundreds of members, especially with the online clubs. These are all members who must purchase and read your book in order to discuss it within a certain time frame. Do you see where I am going with this one? Guaranteed sales.

For me book clubs are a better gamble than hoping and praying someone will pick it up and buy it off the bookshelf. Not that you shouldn't have your book in a book store but if you have forgotten please refer to my earlier post about book stores. For all the effort it takes to push a book at a book store I would recommend putting the energy into a guaranteed sale.

If you don't already have book clubs listed as your friend on FaceBook or following any on Twitter then shame on you. Book clubs are readers, right? So go befriend them. Once you do please resit the urge to bombard their wall promoting your work. Use a bit of self control and simply say hello and thanks for the add. Then, try commenting on some of there updates. Let them see your name a few times and then inbox them a nice introductory to your novel. Do not, I repeat,  Do not inbox them along with other people. It's just plane ole rude. Who wants to be on a list with hundreds of other people only to be stuck getting responses from everyone? Not me. Also, pay attention to when they are looking for new books. Some post that as well.

Your book may or may not be accepted. No big deal. Don't don't reply with a hateful response. This could kill your opportunity for the future. This should be common sense but unfortunately I have come up against so many rude and obnoxious authors it will make your head spin. People do not have to buy your book so get over it! For every person who doesn't just think there are some who will. You know how many times someone has told me they are not a reader but have recommended my books to someone else? Hundreds. So don't shoot yourself and kill an opportunity.

Now, if you are selected. Jump for joy and then take it a step further and ask them if they would like to have you conference call or Skype with them. Readers love interaction and how awesome is it to say you read a book and talked with the author about it? I did a conference the other day for Rise and Fall of Track Star with and and it was amazing. It was great interacting with my readers and seeing how they personally felt about certain characters.

So if you are willing to try something new to garner sales then book clubs may be the way for you.

Until Next Time,

Omegia Keeys

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